Buzonas and Lipczynski

Donald and Robert Buzonas in West Brownsville PA, 1999
Donald and Robert 1999
West Brownsville, PA

Donald and Robert's Father
Joseph S. Buzonas, 1898 - 1981

Donald Buzonas 1956
Donald Buzonas, US Air Force 1956

Stanley Bozonas 1948
Stanley Bozonas, 1948

Donald Buzonas receiving 20-year Pin

May 23, 1984: Donald Buzonas at the PA Highway Dept Dinner at the Holiday Inn in Uniontown receiving a 20-year service pin

Robert Buzonas
Robert Buzonas

Clarance Buzonas 1941 - High School Graduation
Clarance Buzonas, 1941 graduation from St John's High School in Uniontown, PA

Anastasia Lipczynski-Buzonas at 19 years old
Anastasia Buzonas (mother of Robert, Clarance and Donald) at 19 years

Buzonas Family 1913: Joseph Buzonas Sr and Jennie Piechowski
1913 Buzonas Family
Joseph Buzonas Sr and Jennie Piechowski with Family

The Buzonas / Lipczynski / Lux Family History

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